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October 20 2013

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February 19 2013


In this post I am going to try to illustrate in a funny way the reality of developer's life. This post is a translation of another post written in Spanish.

When you upload something to production environment:

When you find a problem solution without searching in Google:

When you close your IDE without saving the code:

When you try to fix a bug at 3AM:

When your regular expression returns what you expect it:

When my boss reported me that the module I have been working will never be used:

When I show to my boss that I have fixed a bug:

When I upload a code without tests and it works as expected:

When marketing folks show to developers what they have sold:

The first time you apply a CSS to a web page:

When the sysadmin gives you root access:

When you run your script the first time after several hours working on it:

When you go on weekend and everyone else are at office trying to fix all issues:

When your boss finds someone to fix a critical bug:

When you receive an extra paid if project ends before deadline:

When something that had worked on Friday and on Monday did not work:

When you develop without specifications:

When boss tells me that "tests are for those who doesn't know how to code":

When you update a database script and you note that you have deleted whole database:

When a bug goes unnoticed during a presentation
23 tribute to code developers [humor]
When the customer wants to change specifications 2 days before the climb to production
24 tribute code developers [humor]
When I listen the business description made for the customer to sell the project
Code 28 tribute to developers [humor]
When the project manager enters the workroom
30 tribute to code developers [humor]

PD: Original Source In Spanish

One Jar To Rule Them All: The Reality of Developer's Life
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September 02 2012

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September 01 2012

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August 27 2012

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August 25 2012

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